Before & After School

STEM Child Care’s extended day programs offer before and after school care to provide parents with flexibility in their day by engaging children in exciting clubs and activities while providing nutritious meals and snacks.

Our programs include enriching learning opportunities that foster social and academic growth while also expanding our students’ knowledge of the world. This includes a before-school session for parents that need an early start to their day and an after-school session for after work convenience.

We offer several exciting and educational programs/clubs to fill your child’s mornings and evenings, where students focus on self-reflection and social skills as well as physical activity and homework help.

Before School Program

Our Breakfast Club prepares our children for productive school days by providing a consistent morning routine that starts with a healthy meal then focuses on practicing social skills, learning to cooperate, sharing as well as treating others with respect. We review concepts learned the previous day and help our children develop daily goals, while building self-esteem and encouraging creativity.

We focus on key areas of development that will help your child learn and grow including: Character Development, Creative Expression, Self-Awareness, Responsibility, and Integrity.

After School Program

Our Wellness Club promotes physical movement and challenges, using motor skills and team-building activities, to keep students healthy and fit. This sets them on the path to developing healthy habits for life, reducing their anxiety and stress, and boosting self-esteem.

Our Homework Club provides a structured, supportive environment for studying and completing homework, and inspires students to be organized and responsible when it comes to academics.

Our Community Awareness Club is centered around long-term projects established with and by our students, focusing on issues that are important to them and their communities. These activities emphasize critical thinking and problem solving, connecting with the outside world, discussing relevant issues, and the importance of giving back through organized volunteering events.

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