About Us

STEM Child Care is an organization focused on shaping minds through engaging lesson plans, thoughtful activities, and playful learning experiences. Not merely a daycare center, our institution promotes an interactive and collaborative scholastic environment, intended to help your children thrive as they discover themselves as well as the joys of learning.

What Makes Us Special?

We’re glad you asked! We place an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at the heart of our lessons. Research has shown that developing familiarity and understanding of these core areas at an early age helps improve a child’s cognitive functioning and fosters the skills necessary for success in grade school and in life.

While we focus our curriculum on STEM, we believe that early education would not be complete without humanities lessons in language, the arts, and health & wellness to nurture creativity, social skills, and emotional well-being. Under the guidance of our compassionate and energetic educators, each child will establish a strong foundation and knowledge base for later grades along with a lifelong passion for learning in a safe and fun environment.

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