Learning Should Always Be Fun

At STEM Child Care, our goal is to offer your child a unique, strong foundation of academic and social skills that will prepare them for success in school and in life. We understand the importance of selecting the right program for your child, so our early education courses include extensive lab-oriented curriculums taught by knowledgeable professionals trained in STEM and early childhood development. Discover just how rewarding and enjoyable learning can be with STEM Child Care.

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This is more than just daycare. STEM Child Care offers a safe learning space that keeps your infant feeling engaged, secure, and happy. Our warm, caring teachers establish a bond with your children by providing nurturing classroom environments, stimulating activities with educational toys, and captivating learning experiences using regular assessments to ensure that your child reaches critical developmental milestones.

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With our exclusive STEM-focused early education curriculum, your toddler will have the opportunity to start preparing for Preschool while exploring critical developmental milestones. Regular assessments and carefully planned lessons allow our teachers to offer unique learning experiences based on what the children are prepared and interested to learn.

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Our experienced early education teachers will introduce your preschooler to cognitive skills (such as matching and sequencing), social skills (including effective communication and embracing diversity), as well as language arts and literacy skills (like storytelling and writing). At this crucial developmental stage, STEM Child Care works diligently to promote self-confidence and independence in our preschoolers by encouraging them to proceed at their own pace based on their unique needs and abilities. Our comprehensive curriculum includes not only an emphasis on STEM but also presents opportunities for shared and independent learning experiences in the areas of dramatic play, music, creative arts, computers, and fitness.

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The pre-kindergarten program places emphasis on building skills vital to success in kindergarten, such as developing social tactfulness and respect for others, a strong sense of confidence, and mastery of gross motor skills. Using age-appropriate lessons, our teachers encourage cooperative play as well as collaborative problem-solving skills. At the same time, our program strengthens children’s skills in core academic areas, such as literacy, math, and science, to ensure readiness for school, while also exposing them to a variety of elective activities including art, computers, music, health, and wellness to guarantee the development of complex problem-solving and decision making skills from an early age.

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STEM Child Care offers a kindergarten curriculum that strives to prepare children for success in school and impart a sense of eagerness and curiosity when it comes to learning. Knowing that our kids will soon be entering grade school, the kindergarten program features a comprehensive curriculum that advances the development of strong language, reading, writing, science, and math skills, which will prove necessary for success in your children’s continuing education and in life. Our student-centered learning environment integrates the academic expectations of both local and state curriculums to ensure that our students transition effortlessly to grade school.

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